Section 8 Rentals - MASTERCLASS - Thursday 2/3/2022  @ 8PM EDT - Virtual

Section 8 Rentals - MASTERCLASS - Thursday 2/3/2022 @ 8PM EDT - Virtual

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When: Thursday February 3rd, 8PM EDT 

Where: Online

Build your rental portfolio with a State-sponsored housing program like Section 8!

As a landlord, there are many benefits to renting to a Section 8 tenant. In this 90 minute Masterclass I break down the why and the how.......

Let's start with:

  • What is Section 8, and how do tenants qualify?
  • How to look for Tenants that are approved for the program
  • Preparing your unit & the inspection process
  • Preparing a Lease and the clauses to protect you
  • Performing a background and credit check
  • Voucher limits by City and Apartment Size (in all States)
  • Your responsibilities as a Landlord and much more........


We will review current home listings in 10 markets in the NY/NJ/PA/CT market where section 8 rentals will make you the highest cashflow.

If you are currently a Landlord or a future one, this class is for you!

A class recording is included

***ZOOM link will be sent 24 hours prior to the class

Wow! I just finished playing back the recorded class links since I couldn't make it to the live ones. My mind is blown, I have so much to implement in my online business now, thank you!!

Elizabeth Warner - 27/11/2020

I'm so ready to invest in my 1st home. I needed your coaching services, it gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. All this time I thought it was all so impossible, so far from the truth

Linda Lopez Ramos - 14/12/2020

My experience in the first time landlord program was amazing! I've been doing my research on Real Estate investing for two years now and this program put it all together for me in just a few hours.

John S. Michel - 5/10/2020