5 Affordable Markets in the Tri-State- 11/3 @ 8PM EDT - Online

5 Affordable Markets in the Tri-State- 11/3 @ 8PM EDT - Online

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When: Wednesday Nov. 3rd @ 8PM EDT
Where: Online

Looking to start investing in Real Estate but can't afford the prices in your current market?

We have identified 5 markets within driving distance to NYC where you can still buy at affordable prices.

These markets are growing fast! Some have the benefit of Corporate headquarters, others have local Universities and popular trade schools, with a growing local economy and still offer affordable home prices. Whether you are looking to relocate in the near future or buy and rent to tenants while your property gains equity, this is the perfect online class for you!

We will be discussing:
  • The 5 Markets - all within 2 hours of NYC!
  • Why these markets are attractive to Real Estate investors and renters
  • The business landscape of the area (University, Hospitals, Small business, Malls, Transportation)
  • Rental options from Off - Campus living to Section 8 (Government Subsidized program).
  • And much more....
Have someone else pay your mortgage as you pay down your mortgage and grow your equity over time.

Join us!

Wow! I just finished playing back the recorded class links since I couldn't make it to the live ones. My mind is blown, I have so much to implement in my online business now, thank you!!

Elizabeth Warner - 27/11/2020

I'm so ready to invest in my 1st home. I needed your coaching services, it gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. All this time I thought it was all so impossible, so far from the truth

Linda Lopez Ramos - 14/12/2020

My experience in the first time landlord program was amazing! I've been doing my research on Real Estate investing for two years now and this program put it all together for me in just a few hours.

John S. Michel - 5/10/2020