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Build your rental portfolio with a State-sponsored housing program like Section 8! As a landlord, there are many benefits to renting to a Section 8 tenant. In this 90 minute Masterclass I break down the why and the how. You'll learn how to list your unit for a Section 8 tenant and how to screen the tenant. The inspection process and getting your unit approved for the program and so much more...

If you are currently renting and have made the decision to jump into home ownership, then this is the class for you!  Owning Real Estate can be life changing. When done right, it can be the foundation for building wealth because your money will grow over time in the form of equity and you will have the ability to leverage your home to acquire more properties in the future. Let's walk you through the process.....

Looking to start investing in Real Estate but can't afford the prices in your current market? We have identified 5 markets within driving distance to NYC where you can still find a good deal! These markets are growing fast! Whether you are looking to relocate in the near future or buy and rent to tenants while your property gains equity, this is the perfect online class for you!

Most Landlords with a rental portfolio will probably tell you that they started their Real Estate rental business with multi-family homes. Multi-family homes from 2 to 4 units are a great way to start your investment journey. Learn how to find the property, list the unit and screen the tenants. Start generating passive income with multiple tenants paying you rent each month.